My name is Callum Dougan, a Scottish 20-something.  I am a simpleton, armed with a rudimentary understanding of archaeology (BSc), a ferocious interest in the Mediterranean, and very little common sense.  I am travelling the Mediterranean, volunteering on interesting excavations as I go, in the hope of learning a few things here and there about how it’s all done.

I will say things that are debatable, provocative and sometimes plain wrong as I travel through some of the most contested landscapes of the current era and before, eyeing up the archaeology that this ancient part of the world, this highway of antiquity is simply dripping with.  The one advantage of a grounding in history, and an understanding of how absurdly complicated questions of land and ownership are in the archaeological sense, is that I will not take sides and I disavow propaganda.  People  sometimes ask me why I’m going to out-of-the-way places, or those controlled by less than wholesome regimes, and I answer ‘history is where you find it’.

All images taken/made by myself except where credited.

4 responses to “About”

  1. jmmcdowell says :

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the follow! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Haven’t done archaeology in your part of the world, but it is fascinating history there!

  2. These Bones Of Mine says :

    great blog! Thank you for taking the time to write.

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