Day of Archaeology 2012

Important plug inbound.


I’m going to be posting for the Day of Archaeology 2012, and so should you be.  Due to a series of visa-related confusions and a myriad of potential options (yes, I’m about a week behind – I’ve been through Jerusalem and you don’t even know!) I’m not actually sure where I’m going to be on June 29th but I’ll be doing something, and I will be blogging about it in-depth to talk about the actual grind of a working day.  So will some 400+ others, one of whom could be you!  Stuff like this can only make us even cooler than we, y’know, are, and seeing as I’d be doing it anyway it’s hardly bad for me.

It’s being run through WordPress, and all you need to do for now is email to give them a heads-up that you’ll be involved.  We’ll get details closer to the day.  So no matter where you are or what you’re working on (it doesn’t have to be excavation: it just has to be archaeology), I suggest you start thinking.  Could be fantastic.

P.S. stay tuned tomorrow for not so much a blog about Jerusalem as a blog about a Jerusalemite RIOT FANTASTIC (definitely not archaeology)


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